Star Child

Rikka Serro as STAR CHILD

Born 21 June 1969 (total Gemini) in Sioux City Iowa (home of Tommy R. Bolin) I am Irish & Norwegian, went to School in Jackson, Mississippi, used to live in Phoenix & now lives in St. Cloud with his Lady De Dee (she's a photographer) Though, I am a Total New Yorker ... to the Core.

Started playing Guitar at 16, one his Uncle Jeff gave him an Egmond Acoustic, his instructors the Langley's."I first got into KISS when I heard "Sweet Pain" from "Destroyer" the summer of '76 at Jimmy Smith's house, the timber of Gene's voice sent chills down my spine, I recently found out that song was originally titled "Nightfly" from '75".

Was in the KISS Tribute Band "Black Diamond" from 1982 -1988 out of Des Moines, Iowa.

Was the Lead Singer, Bass Player in "MrZERo" from 2012- 2015 out of St. Paul

Was the Bass Player & 2nd Vocalist in the all Original Band "Action GO" in 2014 

Works at Mr. Zero's 55113 and has a Radio Show on WDGY and writes a monthly music column for PATCH.

Formed "KISSin Time" with Drummer MN Pete Campbell in Fall 2013 in MPLS at TRAX Studios. "Though I portray Paul Stanley, I would say my personality is closer to Gene Simmons, in reality" 

Plays: Gibson & Marshall and Ernie Ball since 1985.

Star Sign: Gemini
Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Number: 49
Talisman: Cardinal
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper or Black Tea
Favorite Food: Chinese or Ham & Swiss Sandwich
Collects "Planet Of The Apes" memorabilia
Favorite Singer: Glenn Hughes
Favorite Guitarist: Tommy Bolin
Favorite Bass Player: Geezer Butler
Favorite Drummer: Keith Moon
Favorite Keyboardist: Keith Emerson
Favorite Band: The Monkees
First Record: Beatles 67-70
1st Concert: KISS 1977 Lincoln, Neb.

Favorite Film: Wrath of Kahn
Favorite TV Show: Outer Limits
Favorite Toy: Creeple Peeple
Favorite Book: Time Machine
Favorite Comic: Hawkman
Favorite Video Game: Earthworm Jim
Favorite Teams: Jets, Rangers, Yankees, Knicks

My Mission: To re-create my favorite era of KISS "Hotter Than Hell" 1974 -75.
R.S. 2017


If you're going to bother to do anything, then do it big and do it correct...or don't do it at all



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